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 Code One Technology


Code One technology transmitts video signals using bonded landlines like DSL as well as 4G or 3G mobile network.

How it works:

  • Connect the camera of your choice to Code One Backpack Kit.
  • Code One Backback Kit now encodes the video input into a H.264 webstream
  • The bonding technology inside splits the stream in up to 12 channels and transmits them via internet to either a Code One Server or as point to point transmission directly to your Code One Professional Decoder
  • Professional Decoder recombines all channels, links it to a video output and generates several parallel webstream for PC, tablets and smartphones
  • If video output is not needed, a Code One Server in a datacenter of your choice will recombine the 12 channels and delivers a webstream for PC and mobile devices.


Point to Point Transmission




Point to Point Transmission and Restreaming for Webcast




Direct Webcast to CDN´s and Streamingserver




Codeone auf der IBC 2012

Die völlig neue Streaming Generation in Amsterdammehr

Fon: +49 211 63 55 62 30

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