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Backpack Kit Generation 2: smaller, lighter, more intuitive and with enhanced performance - Your SNG in a backpack. Uncomplicated transmission of live video material, fast and economical. Broadcast and Webcast parallel or - as an especially affordable entry-level model - BPK2430-W is a perfect Web Streaming solution.


Special bonding technology for 12 channels from LTE to DSL and Wi-Fi for high-quality videostreaming with and without landlines – ‚wherever you go‘! Transmit up to 30Mbit/s with the high performance encoder. Including integra- ted FEC and Adaptive Bitrate Control, it is especially suited for difficult line conditions.


Add ons on request


Factsheet (PDF)

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    • NEW: 12 x Channel bonding - Send over all networks

    • 4G, 3G, Ethernet, WLAN, IP over SAT - perfect pictures in SD and HD
    • SDI, HDMI, YUV, Y/C, IEEE1394 - connection for nearly every camra
    • LOW DELAY - Optimized for live X-talk reporting
    • NEW: IFB - Audio return channel to reporter
    • STORE & FORWARD via FTP - Record for time-shifted transmission
    • NEW: Dual Encoding: Stream und Record simultaneously in 2 x H264 or 1 X H264 and MPEG2
    • MADE IN GERMANY - Perfect service guarantee


Codeone auf der IBC 2012

Die völlig neue Streaming Generation in Amsterdammehr

Fon: +49 211 63 55 62 30

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